Work in progress


Short Film

Original Title: Dana, Carnaval y Tzompantli

English Title: “Dana, Carnival, and Tzompantli

Director and Writer Fernando COLIN

Production Le Fresnoy – Studio National of Contemporary Arts and Rentauna7D

Digital – 4k / Color / France, Mexico – work in progress

Still from the Movie Dana, Carnaval y Tzompantli

Short Film

Original Title: El sueño del Ladrón Rojo

English Title: “The dream of the red thief”

Director and Writer Fernando COLIN

Digital – 4k / Color / Mexico – work in progress

Still from the movie “The dream of the red thief”


“La Vida es un Carnaval”

Director and DoP by Fernando COLIN

Producer : Ikki Films

Digital – 4k / Color / France – Mexico – work in progress

Dana and Thalia, two transsexuals with opposite daily life in a town of 1000 inhabitants in Mexico decide to organize the first Gay Pride of the town.

Captura de pantalla 2017-11-01 a las 21.55.41P1380227