Showreel 2018 – Fernando Colin

This is my new showreel as a DoP. This is a meticulous selection of all the shots i’ve done in 2017 between Mexico, France, Portugal and Spain. I’d like to thank all the producers and organisations that support me during this year: Jean Michel AMEIL, Laurence BIERME, Olga TORRICO, Franzis SAINT DIZIER, Esther SAINT DIZIER, Muriel JUSTIS, Eva MORSH-KHIN, Mauranne CUGNY, ELENFANT FILM, UNION CÉPIÈRE ROBERT MONNIER – TOULOUSE, EUROPEAN REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT FUND, Clap Aquitaine, TULUZ LIVE, CAMARA VERDE FILMS, ENSAV, CINELATINO, Edouard THILLIEZ, Benoit CARON, Jean-Louis DUFOUR, ASSIL PROD, Georges ROCHE, Dany LOPEZ and PINKANOVA.

To the directors whom shared their ideas and trust in my vision: Ruby CICERO, Quentin VALOIS, Adam SELO, Stephane ONCINA, Cecilia GIL, Clement BURALI, Luc COUTREAU, Aurélien MASSON, Christopher MURRAY, Claudia HUAMANQUILLA, Carlos LECHUGA, Claudia SAINTE-LUCE, José María CABRAL, Juan Sebastián MESA, Niles ATTALAH, Julio HERNÁNDEZ CORDÓN, Aude CHEVALIER-BEUMEL, Michael GIMENEZ, Catalina MESA, Maite ALBERDI, José VILLALOBOS ROMERO and Dalia REYES.

To my lovely crew Elyse PEZO, Guilhem CLÉRY, Baptiste CHARLIER, Araceli VARGAS, Gerard BENAVENT, Marie CID, Caro MONGE, Jeremie GABRIEN and Andy BENETRIX that always be there in the right moment on the set. To my advisors Marc TISON, Marie AMSLER and Hélène GUERRERO for kick my ass.

To the visual artist Argeo MONDRAGÓN, Johnathan PERALTA and Juan Manuel GONZALEZ as well as the filmmaker Alejandro DE LA ROSA for their feedback . To the musicians Yoyo BOROBIA and Loqman BAHMAIE, our documentary is still work in progress!

To the cinematographer Fabrizio LA PALOMBARA for his masterclass in the set.

To the Actrees and friends of cinema whom appear in my showreel Dana KARVELAS and Natacha BOYER.

Also to the assistant directors, art department, sound department, making of and catering, i don’t forget you!!!!

Thanks 2017.

Let’s get ready for 2018 dreams!

Credit photo: Gabrielle GRAY

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