Watch the JE SUIS UN RADIOCASSETTE a short film by french director Stephane Oncina in which I made the cinematography. This short film was filmed in Bayonne, in the southwest of France, during the month of November. The challenge of the cinematography of this project was to create an atmosphere similar to the films of the 80’s, in particular the work of Vilmos Zsigmond, cinematographer of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, as well as the cinematography of Tim Ives in Stranger Things.

The lighting setup was made by 1k tungsten light + 1/4 CTO Gel Applied (2950K) as a KEY LIGHT, 2 led panels (3200k) as a FILL/BACKGROUND LIGHT and a little LED panel with Teal and Red Gel Applied as a PRACTICAL LIGHT for the first Scene with the kid in the wardrobe, also i added a GOBO template made in cardboard for the KEY LIGHT; for the Second Scene i changed the direction of the lighting setup to the ceiling and i added 3 PRACTICAL LIGHT sources of Led Spotlights in the hall. This short was shooted in the fantastic Sony A7sII with S-log2 profile.

Je suis un radiocassette - still photo

JE SUIS UN RADIOCASSETTE is running in the eighth edition of the Nikon Film Festival, so please vote for my work through your facebook profile. See you in the next review.



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